Improving the quality of life for children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS through enriching programs, unforgettable experiences, and connections with the community.

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H.E.R.O. for Children, Inc. in partnership with D'AIR Project presents DAIR to be a HERO 2017!

DAIR to be a HERO 2017’s mission is threefold: 1- to expose H.E.R.O. children to aerial dance, 2- to reduce the stigma of HIV/AIDS through the education and empowerment of youth, and 3- to develop mentoring, leadership and peer education skills in young adults. Aerial dance is the broad term for a style of modern dance that includes a device often attached to the ceiling.

D’AIR teens will help bring these experiences to H.E.R.O. children by offering a weekly peer-to-peer driven aerial dance and circus arts residency program. At the end of fourteen weeks, students will present a final production to the community on Sunday, February 18th, 2018. The weekly program will include instruction in aerial dance, circus arts, and HIV/AIDS basics. Periodically, sessions in other fields of artistic interest—such as tumbling, acrobatics, juggling, costuming, and poetry/songwriting—will be included in the program.


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